Tommy Collier Info & Rates

TOMMY COLLIER   Headshot Photographer

TOMMY COLLIER Headshot Photographer



Perfect for a pro on the go! Get in, get it done, and get back to your day.

30 Minute Studio Session
One Perfect Look/Outfit
1 High-End Retouched image


• Wardrobe consultation & selection
• Advanced expression coaching & direction
• Instant review of images via computer
• Online proofing gallery with downloadable proofs
• High-End Retouching “The Tommy Treatment”



The full experience! Take a deeper dive into capturing the "best you" from every angle.

1 Hour Studio Session
Unlimited Looks/Outfits
2 High-End Retouched images


• Wardrobe consultation & selection
• Advanced expression coaching & direction
• Instant review of images via computer
• Online proofing gallery with downloadable proofs
• High-End Retouching “The Tommy Treatment”



Professional Makeup Application +$195

Makeup is 100% optional but highly recommended. (for women only)



I’ve pretty much had a camera in my hand for the last 20 years of my life. My fascination with photography began my freshman year of high school when I got my first digital camera. Fast forward to today, I have built my entire career around pictures - both moving and still - but there is something very special, powerful and fulfilling about creating headshots which is why I’ve chosen to specialize in this niche.

In my opinion, the human face is the most beautiful and intriguing thing to photograph. There is also something distinctly spiritual about the process making headshots for people. The more I do of this work, the more I discover the secret and subtlety behind it. Interestingly enough, creating a fantastic headshot is more about humanity than photography.

My goal for every headshot session is to create a real and personal connection with my client in an atmosphere of trust. And when that happens, the results are magical. I love seeing the positive, lasting impact that this process can have on a person’s self esteem and confidence - even months or years later. To quote my mentor, Peter Hurley, I may be shooting at your head, but I’m aiming for your heart.


Tommy Testimonial 1.jpg

“Tommy is the definition of professional headshot photography. This coming from another fellow photographer and creative.

I've been in the industry for some time and Tommy is clearly a cut above the rest. 

If you want the best, hire Tommy.”

— Ryan

Tommy Testimonial 2.jpg

“Putting the subject at ease is very important when it comes to photography; when the subject is uncomfortable or ill at ease, the picture is going to reflect that. Tommy has an uncanny ability to put everyone who steps before his lens at ease. He has done my headshot twice now, and I could not be more pleased with the results. I recommend him highly!”

— Joanne

Tommy Testimonial 3.jpg

“Tommy is amazing, I would give him 6 out of 5 stars if I could! This was my 4th time getting professional headshots and this experience was the best in every category, including the finished product.

I had fun doing the shoot, it was easy and didn't take very long. The toughest part for me was choosing which photos to use because they all looked amazing.”

— Zach

Looking for CORPORATE Group HEADSHOT Pricing?

Tommy’s WORK


  • You can Tommy’s real-time availability through our online schedule system.

  • If you have an urgent need to shoot within the next 24 hours please reach out to see if we can fit you in.

  • Payment for your session is collected at time of booking and acts as a deposit to hold your date and time.

  • Sessions must be rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance in order to transfer deposits to a later date.

  • Deposit payments are non-refundable but can be transferred to another date in case of emergency.


  • Proofing gallery typically uploaded within 24 hours after your session.

  • Standard turnaround time for delivery of retouched images is typically 1-2 weeks after an order is submitted.

  • Expedited delivery of retouched images is available if needed. See below for rates.


  • Professional Makeup Application: $195

  • Additional High-End Retouched Images: $150 per image

  • 3-Day Expedited Delivery: add $75 per image

  • 24-Hour Rush Delivery: add $125 per image

  • Full-Session Image Buyout (High-Res Un-retouched): $350

  • Additional Studio Time: $300 per hour

  • Location Fee: $1,000 per location

All rates and terms are subject to change without notice.