Testimonials & Reviews

“I had a great experience! I went in knowing absolutely nothing about headshots, but Tommy coached me through everything. As someone who has just started out acting, Tommy also gave great advice and feedback. Very, very highly recommended.”
- Celley C

“Tommy was great! Very professional and even did my makeup (which I knew nothing about, so thank god lol)”
- Shannon B

“Tommy Collier is simply the best at what he does. His Telly awards, specifically the one he earned producing our commercial, speak for themselves. Thank you for your continued talents and expertise!”
- Carolyn L

“Tommy is top notch! He is a true pro with efficient, streamlined processes. Very much appreciate his artistry and professionalism. And my new headshots are just what I was looking for!”  
- Julia S

“Great experience and Tommy does amazing work. He makes you look your absolute best!” 
- Guy M

“Not only do I love my photos from Tommy Collier, he always makes it a fun and unique experience. Tommy is my "go-to" every time for his professionalism and high-quality work.”
- Bernadette S

“Very professional and made me feel very comfortable! Loved my photos and loved the make up artist! Wish she could put my make up on every day!”
- Melody B

“The ability that Tommy has to put his subjects at ease. Pictures always turn out best when the person being photographed isn't all tensed up.”
- Joanne D

“Tommy was amazing! His professionalism, talent and natural eye continue to speak volumes through his photos. He is a true gem to Denver and should be the first photographer you book with for top-notch professionalism images.”
- Michelle P

“Tommy is very professional, very talented and very gracious.”
- Paula W

“You're the best in the biz.”
- Jan T

“Best Headshots we've ever gotten. Tommy understands how to position and pose people so that they look your best and don't have odd shadows, funky lighting, double chins, etc. you are Vesely has a well honed process is very patient and the quality oriented.”
- Steve C

“Tommy, You were terrific at catching Cindy and I in the perfect pose!! We have gotten quite a few compliments on our "head shot." Comments like .... very approachable couple, wonderful interaction, very Terry and Cindy. Thanks, so much, for your excellent job! We have referred you several times -- hope they have called.”
- Terry O

“Great experience!! Photos were excellent!”
- Tanya E

“I've had many photo shoots with Tommy Collier over the years because he is the absolute best! He makes me feel incredibly confident during the shoot and brings out MY best. Over the years I have schedule professional headshots with Tommy and have never had a shoot where I didn't order at least 5 different pictures. If you are looking for the absolute best, call Tommy Collier!”
- Denise P