Thank you for visiting the TEGNA Headshot Booth at the 2016 NABJ/NAHJ Convention & Career Fair. Below is a link to a public gallery where you can access your headshots.


Feel free to download, post and share your headshots however and wherever you so choose - for any personal and professional (non-commercial) use. All we ask in return is that you tag us with a photo credit @TommyCollierPro and give a shout out to @TEGNA for making it possible for us to provide these artfully crafted headshots to you completely free of charge! #ThanksTEGNA!

Note: Tommy Collier Productions retains the commercial copyrights to all images. Please contact us about image licensing for any commercial usage.


When creating headshots our goal is always to “get it right in-camera” - meaning, everything about the way we shoot is intended to produce clean, flattering, natural looking images that do not require a lot of Photoshop work to look great. However, if you are interested in having any of your headshots expertly retouched, we are offering TEGNA Headshot Booth participants an exclusive 40% discount on commercial photo retouching @ $75 per image (normally $125/image). See our headshot portfolio for examples of fully-retouched images. Ready to retouch? Contact us.